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This is the ultimate OUTDOOR home theater experience. In its largest configuration, on command, a series of nine motorized media towers rise from their respective, weather-tight, environmentally controlled, concrete underground bunkers to reveal a media system of quintessential scale, power, and performance. The main video tower houses either a rigid acrylic rear projection screen up to 20 feet wide and weighing up to 3300 lbs, or an LED dot matrix similar to the screens seen at stadiums but at a much higher resolution. In this case the screen size is limitless.Using the rigid acrylic rear projection screen maintains surface flatness, hence, optical sharpness. It also permits control of the interior housing which, in this case, is part of the optical train. The interior surfaces are covered in an extremely flat black fabric designed for photographic purposes to minimize internal light reflections. This permits maximum contrast of the image generated by the laser driven video projector. Video projectors do not generate "black". Black is simply the absence of light. The goal then becomes creating as controlled and light reflection-free an optical environment as possible to get the most from this or any projector.The laser powered projector generates enormous intensity, clarity, color, and contrast. An additional benefit is its extremely long light source life. Typically, thirty thousand hours. This permits a far more reliable system than the traditional "having to re-lamp" fairly often. The video tower has its own air conditioning system in order to keep all of the electronics as well as the projector cool. Beyond this 20 foot dimension, we go to a completely different video format. Now, we use a modular LED array similar to those in sports stadiums. However, the pixel pitch used here is far smaller than the units used in stadiums. This permits viewing from shorter distances as well as 4K resolution for a superior video display.This amounts to more LEDs in the same area to generate a sharper image. This is a modular format permitting any screen size desired.

The sound system for this monumental application is commensurate with the video quality and scale. Typically, dedicated, internally amplified speakers designed for this task are used. This method of operating the multiple speakers required gives the system efficiency, clarity, and visceral "punch", as well as a redundancy of equipment so as to make this a reliable as well as wonderfully performing media system.

Flanking the main video tower are the "left" and "right" sound towers. Each of these ensconce the main left and right speakers for the system. In addition, they also house the compliment of sub-woofers that lend the system that visceral "punch" required for a proper movie viewing and listening experience. This is a system that on many levels rivals "Woodstock".

In addition to these 3 main towers, there are a series of six "surround " channel towers.These are placed strategically around the property to complete the enveloping sound field experience.

All structural framing is of hi-tech aluminum alloy for durability and corrosion resistance. Power to raise and lower the multiple towers is quite substantial and uses synchronized drives to maintain a level and stable movement at all times. In addition, a dual speed system is employed on the 3 main towers so as to decrease the operating speed when the towers are approaching their end of travel points. This gives increased control of the movement of these devices.

All towers have weather-tight seals at the closure points. In addition, linear guides maintain the precision and stability of the movements during their entire travel.

The exterior "skin" of the housings is a high tech aluminum alloy with a marine grade painted surface. This paint is typically used on mega-yachts. Custom finishes are, of course, available on request.

In the event of a power failure during your movie, an automatic battery back-up system will carry the theater at full power while your back-up generator comes up to speed . The battery back-up system takes over almost instantaneously as opposed to a back-up generator which requires several minutes to come on line. With this device in place, there is no interruption in your movie theater experience.

All functions are operated via a wireless touch-screen control system. The theater system has all of the flexibility one desires. The set-up is totally custom and set up per your requirements.

These systems are typically for dusk and evening viewing only. Systems range for an eight foot wide image to media "nirvana". The choice is yours. Please contact us for a consultation and location evaluation.

Harvey Altman
President, Media Motion, Inc.
(561) 272-0100 - Office
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Manufacturer supplied photo of actual 20 foot wide screen (US Nippura)
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