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This is the ultimate OUTDOOR home theater experience. It is a totally customizable system ranging from a single motorized tower housing a 12 foot wide daylight viewable LED display as well as the main speakers. This configuration uses fixed weatherproof surround speakers. At the top end of the scale we reach an astounding nine motorized tower configuration with an LED display 50 FEET wide and 28 FEET high. Add to that, a sound system to rival “Woodstock’s” and you have a visceral media experience second to none. Of course, at that level of sophistication, interruption of the show is not an option. In the event of a power failure, even a very brief one, the system can operate on its battery backup package for up to 2 hours at full power without so much as a hint of having had a power issue. There is no “lag time” for the back-up batteries to take over. This cannot be accomplished with the use of a generator. In addition, the back-up package provides “clean” power to all of the electronics. All of this multimedia magic is “out-of-sight” at the touch of a button.

The construction of the motorized towers housings is of aircraft grade aluminum alloy for durability as well as corrosion resistance. These are then powder coated for aesthetics as well as longevity. All of the towers “reside” in concrete underground “bunkers” that are slightly above grade utilizing a gasketed, overlapping lid to create a weather-tight seal. The lifting system has a twin stainless steel linear guide system assuring precision of movement as well as reliability.

The lifting portion of the system is comprised of a pair of stainless steel lifting screws of superior industrial quality. They are mechanically synchronized for uniformity of movement. We incorporate a dual speed motor drive controller to automatically decelerate the operating speed of the system near the end of travel in each direction in order to provide a smooth and gentle stop. This electro-mechanically driven configuration obviates the use of hydraulic fluids as well as any potential leakage or high pressure hose failure.

In order to address the “what if” question, we have designed the system with a removable lid assembly as well as locating the drive components at the TOP of the system housing. This permits us service access, even if the unit were in the fully retracted position. As with any motorized device, access is the key.

Please feel free to call us to discuss your specific needs. We can custom design a system to your requirements as well as your logistical needs. The system described here is simply an example of what is possible. We can put your ideas into motion as well. We have almost limitless options regarding display size, sound system components, number of towers, etc….

Harvey Altman
President, Media Motion, Inc.
(561) 272-0100 - Office
(561) 271-3709 - Cell

Manufacturer supplied photo of actual 20 foot wide screen (US Nippura)
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