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This is the ultimate outdoor home theater experience. In its largest configuration, on command, a series of nine motorized towers rise from their respective underground weather-tight concrete “bunkers” to reveal a system of quintessential scale, power, and performance. The main video tower houses a rigid, one piece cast acrylic rear projection screen that is Eleven Feet high and Twenty Feet wide. The screen itself, weighs over 3000lbs. This particular type of screen was chosen for its superior image quality as well as the fact that it does not FLEX in a breeze as a FABRIC-TYPE flexible projection material will. Any variation in the screen’s surface flatness will result in a loss of focus of the projected image. This configuration avoids the problem entirely. Rear projection was chosen as the optical medium as it is much more resistant to ambient light from nearby light sources than front projection. It also permits much more control of the optical projection environment.

This is now a closed CHAMBER where light and environmental control is more easily accomplished. Within this video tower is a high definition video projector of massive power and quality. It generates Fourteen Thousand lumens of light (ten times that of an average home theater projector) with a contrast ratio of 5000:1. This generates a spectacular image of intense clarity, depth, color and contrast. This was chosen to maintain as “light-reflection free” an optical environment as possible. This is the goal, due to the fact that a video projector does not generate “black”. Black, is simply the lack of light. Accordingly, a dark, reflection-free interior projection space will produce maximum contrast on the rear projection screen.

Rising within the video tower is the custom built center channel speaker supplied by one of the foremost recording studio monitor manufacturers in the world. Its dedicated amplifiers are stored in the equipment racks within the tower. The center channel amplifiers alone, have a power output of 3100 watts!

Flanking the main video tower are the main left and right sound towers. Each of these ensconce the main speakers for left and right as well as a compliment of 8 sub-woofer cabinets. Each sub-woofer cabinet has 4-twelve inch drivers, as well as an amplifier channel for each, totaling a monumental 32 woofer drivers with a combined amplifier power of Eight Thousand watts. Total combined amplifier power for the entire system is Twenty Two Thousand watts!

In addition to these three main towers are a series of six smaller motorized towers housing the surround channel speakers. These are placed strategically around the property to complete the enveloping sound- field experience.

All structural framing is of hi-tech aluminum alloy with twelve inch structural aluminum beams supporting the weight of the main tower system. A twin guide and drive system provides stability, smoothness, power, and synchronization to each end of the tower's structural framework. The exterior “skin” is aluminum alloy with a “marine-grade” painted surface. Custom finishes are, of course, available.

Just in case the power should fail during your movie, an automatic battery back-up system will operate the theater at full power for two hours after the power has failed. This takes over almost instantaneously as opposed to a back-up generator which requires several minutes causing an interruption in your viewing experience.

All functions and controls are at your command via a wireless, touch-screen control system . The theater has all of the sources you require. Hi definition dvd, blu-ray , hd-satellite, hd-cable, etc. Whatever you require, we can supply.

These motorized outdoor theaters are for dusk and evening viewing only. Daytime viewing is just not practical at this quality level. It would require six times the amount of light for daytime viewing so we feel it is not a practical option at this time. Systems range from an eight foot wide screen in a single motorized tower with non-motorized surround speakers to the behemoth described here with nine motorized towers as well as various configurations in between . Please contact us for a consultation and location evaluation.

Systems priced from $375K to $1.5M

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